Who is Destiny Froste?

Just taking a moment to introduce myself. I was born October 21st, and as you can see from my site, my interests are very spread out.

I have a B.A. in Psychology with a Minor in Italian. Eventually I want to go back to school and earn a Masters, and/or a few more Bachelors. I continue to study various topics on my own, they are ever changing, but at the moment I am studying Shakespeare, Classics, Italian, Spanish, French, and Latin. I am a bit of a book worm, and I love to learn. When I discover a new subject chances are I will embrace it, no matter what it is since my intrests are so wide. As I add more to my site you will understand this more and more. If money were no object and I could attend any school, I would attend Oxford. Unfortunately, tution for foreigners is a bit expensive. I would like to move to England one day, but until that dream is realized, Oxford is pretty much on hold as well.

Elsewhere on my site, you will see pictues of me in clothing from the renaissance, Star Sars, Harley Quinn, gypsies, etc. I have performed at various Renaissance Faires, Six Flags Great America Fright Fest and Clown Camp, and other sundry roles. I am also a member of several costuming groups, including (but not limited to) the 501st Legion, Gotham's Finest, Rebel Legion, and the Jedi Assembly. I am constantly in costumes, whether for conventions, charity events, or various performances. I normally dress like a "normal" person, but the pictures of me do not always reflect that.

Feel free to like and comment my facebook page, I am always open to questions, comments and concerns so long as it is approached with tact and courtesy. Anyhow...here is me:

Destiny M. Froste