Psychologists have told us for years that color energy can affect our emotions, our health, and our sense of self. It can cause s to feel calm and dreamy, or revved up and tense. It can lift our spirits, or make us sad. If we spend too much time around a certain color, its energies will rule us and only changing the colors in our lives will solve the problem. Over the past decade tha fashion industry has become aware of these facts so that it is almost impossible to pick up a fashion magazine without findig at least one article on the impact of wardrobe colors and how they affect the behavior and attitudes of those we meet each day.

The ida that the energies inherent in colors can be used for strengthening and supporting our magic and rituals has been popular for many centuries. Color energy can be added to magic with careful choices in clothing, altar cloths and decorations, candles, or by virtually any other item we bring into ritual. Even the mental act of thinking about a color, or visualizing breathing in its energy, can affect these magical changes.

The following guide will give you a place to start planning color patterns for your magic and ritual, but be warned that using it slavishly will not automatically give you the results you want. Though colors have certain basic archetypal imagery, personal preferences and experiences shade each one just a little differently in each of our minds. Your red might be someone else's orange, and their blue may be your yellow. Trust your instincts first and the advice of others second.

More then one color can be used in a single spell or ritual. Sometimes it will be clear that more are needed, other times it will be a matter of personal taste. For example, a spell for a lusty romance might need both the energy of red and pink to make it work properly. A spell for enhancing personal finances would work well with either green or gold alone, but the combination could be appealing to the senses and, therefor, would make for a stronger spell. Since this is one area of magic where it is almost impossible to go wrong, feel free to experiment until you find the right colors for your magic.

~Edain McCoy

Last Updated: Thursday, February 17, 2011